How to Secure Your Small Business from Theft

8 August 2018
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As a small business owner, your premises are much more likely to be the target of burglars than a residential home. Even the smallest business is filled with valuable items of potentially high value, including laptops, printers, cash and confidential information. Additionally, business premises are often unmanned for long periods in the evenings, holidays and weekends, making them extremely vulnerable. Here's how you can take steps to protect your assets and secure your business against theft. Read More …

When Getting Locked Out of Your Vehicle Is a Real Emergency

7 August 2018
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Every driver hates the thought of getting locked out of their vehicle. By keeping your keys safe and trying to be mindful about locking and unlocking your car, you minimise the chances of a lockout happening, but it only takes a momentary lapse of concentration to misplace the keys or accidentally leave them inside the vehicle. In most cases, being unable to get into your car is a major inconvenience, but little more than that. Read More …

How to Avoid Being Locked out—and What to Do If You Are

1 August 2018
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Being locked out of your house can be frustrating, but it doesn't have to be. By changing your habits and putting some contingency plans into place, you can prevent lockouts and make sure that they're easy to deal with even if they do happen. These changes are small, but they can save time and help give you peace of mind.  Create a key routine Being locked out because you've left your keys inside can be particularly irritating. Read More …

Are You In A Key And Lock Emergency? 4 Tips to Consider When Seeking an Emergency Locksmith

31 July 2018
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Emergencies are unforeseen and can happen at any given time of day or night, and they bring with them untold inconveniences. Losing your keys or a key breaking in a lock can be really frustrating. So to get you out of this mess you will most definitely need the services of an emergency locksmith. Below are essential factors to bear in mind when seeking the services of a locksmith in these desperate situations. Read More …

Answering Some Basic Questions About Keyless Car Locks

31 July 2018
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A keyless car lock is one that works with a remote or with a keypad on the door, so you don't need to worry about having your keys to lock or unlock the vehicle door. If you're considering getting a vehicle with a keyless lock or want to upgrade to such a system, note a few questions you might have about these keyless entry locks and how they work so you know if they're the right choice for you. Read More …

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