Answering Some Basic Questions About Keyless Car Locks

Answering Some Basic Questions About Keyless Car Locks

31 July 2018
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A keyless car lock is one that works with a remote or with a keypad on the door, so you don't need to worry about having your keys to lock or unlock the vehicle door. If you're considering getting a vehicle with a keyless lock or want to upgrade to such a system, note a few questions you might have about these keyless entry locks and how they work so you know if they're the right choice for you.

Do keyless locks work with keys?

A car's door will almost always have a keyhole so that you can access the vehicle in case the keyless lock system malfunctions for any reason. A keyless lock simply means that you can access the car without a key if you have the remote or the code to the keypad; it doesn't mean that there is no keyed lock on the car door!

Do keyless locks work with a car alarm?

Even with a keyless lock, you can have a separate car alarm on your vehicle. If you retrofit your vehicle with a keyless lock or an alarm, note that these two systems need to be compatible, as some car alarms actually signal if the door is opened with anything other than a key. To avoid these types of issues, ensure that you have a qualified car locksmith install either the alarm or the keyless lock so these systems work together properly.

Do keyless locks work with any remote?

As with any other car part you purchase, you need to ensure that a new remote to your vehicle's keyless lock is compatible with the make and model of your car and with the actual locking system. Some remotes are universal and will work with all makes of a car, whereas other remotes may be made specifically for certain car types or certain locking systems in particular. 

What happens if you're locked out of a keyless lock system?

If your car has a keyless locking system and you lose the remote or forget the code, a vehicle locksmith can usually get you back into the car as easily as they would get you into a vehicle with just standard locks. Note that you may need to call a locksmith who specializes in such systems, but don't assume that your vehicle will be inaccessible if you lose a key or remote or forget the code to this system.

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