Four Benefits Of Rekeying Your Locks During An Emergency Locksmith Call Out

Four Benefits Of Rekeying Your Locks During An Emergency Locksmith Call Out

25 April 2023
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Rekeying locks is the process of changing a lock's keyway so that it accepts a different key. It's a great way to ensure that your home and business are protected, even if you lose or misplace your keys. 

Emergency locksmiths can use rekeying to create new keys for all of your existing locks, or they may be able to alter the current system so that it uses a new key. The latter option may be more cost effective and efficient, depending on your needs and the type of lock you have.

Here are four benefits of rekeying your locks during an emergency locksmith call-out.

1. Rekeying Is An Inexpensive Option 

Rekeying is a relatively inexpensive option for home and business owners who want to keep their locks secure. Emergency locksmiths can rekey your locks by replacing your keys with new ones that are similar but not identical. The process takes only a few minutes and can be done in any location, even during an emergency call-out.

2. Rekeying During An Emergency Locksmith Call Out Keeps Your Property Secure

If you have a key that's been compromised, rekeying your locks can quickly and easily keep your property secure. A locksmith will take the old keys out of circulation by replacing them with new ones that won't work in any other lock. This means that only you and your locksmith will have access to the new keys. You can also have the old keys destroyed so that they aren't easily available for further use.

3. You Can Keep Your Locks And Doors Intact

When you rekey your locks, only the pin tumblers will be removed from the lock core (the part of the cylinder where all of the pins fit). The rest of the components will remain intact so that your door is still able to open properly when someone uses the new key. This is important because it means that you won't have to worry about your door being damaged or broken when you rekey. If you were to change the lock completely, this may not be the case.

4. Rekeying Gives You Peace Of Mind

Getting locked out of your property can be super stressful. But if you're lucky enough to have an emergency locksmith on call, you can rekey your locks right then and there. This way, you'll feel better knowing that your place is secure and only people with the new key can get in. If you recently moved or lost your keys, rekeying your locks is a no-brainer. It's a quick and easy way to make sure that no one with the old key can pop in uninvited.

Chat with an emergency locksmith about rekeying your locks during a call-out.

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