A Guide on What to Do When You Lock Your Keys in the Car

12 October 2018
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Forgetting your car keys inside your car is normal. However, it can be difficult to retrieve the keys if you lock them inside the vehicle. If you don't have a spare key, one way or another you have to get the keys back. Here are ways to help you retrieve your keys. Confirm if the doors are locked While panicking is normal, it will not help you in any way. Before you call for professional help or do anything else, check if any car door or the trunk is open. Read More …

When is the Right Time to Consider a New Key and Replacement?

28 September 2018
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There are certain times when you think lock replacement is the best option, but security experts argue that this is not always recommended, because you can easily re-key at a cheaper price. When to replace your lock or buy a new one Moving to a new home. You may need to replace or by a new lock when moving to a new house because normally, copies of keys may have been made surreptitiously because of being distributed to different people for many years. Read More …

What Should You Consider When Replacing Your Front Door’s Lock?

26 September 2018
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If you have relocated to a new residence, one of your priorities could be having the locks replaced. And considering that your front door is the main entryway to your home, your primary focus is likely to be at this area. However, replacing your locks is not merely about picking out the first or the cheapest locks that you come across. A considerable amount of thought has to go into the process so that you are assured your locksmith is installing the best option for the safety and security of your family. Read More …

Simple ways to keep your residential windows safe

23 September 2018
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While many people spend time and money to secure their doors, front yards, and backyards, they often forget to give their windows equal attention. Windows can be vulnerable points for burglars to access your home and to engage in theft. To secure your windows, there are simple steps you can take. The following measures will make it harder for unwanted guests who may be lurking on the outside. Read on to find out. Read More …

Do You Need a Security Audit When You Move to New Business Premises?

9 August 2018
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Getting the keys to your new premises is just the first step in making sure that your company will be secure in its new home. The building you move into may look secure enough; however, you may not have the skills to assess your overall security yourself. It may help to have a commercial locksmith come in to evaluate how secure the building really is and just how safe it is for your business and personnel needs. Read More …

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