When Getting Locked Out of Your Vehicle Is a Real Emergency

When Getting Locked Out of Your Vehicle Is a Real Emergency

7 August 2018
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Every driver hates the thought of getting locked out of their vehicle. By keeping your keys safe and trying to be mindful about locking and unlocking your car, you minimise the chances of a lockout happening, but it only takes a momentary lapse of concentration to misplace the keys or accidentally leave them inside the vehicle.

In most cases, being unable to get into your car is a major inconvenience, but little more than that. Sometimes, however, the situation is more urgent, and you need to get a locksmith to help you as quickly as possible. When any of these things apply to your vehicle lockout, make sure you let a locksmith know, so they can give you a higher priority.

There's a pet or child in the car

This is one of the most urgent situations you'll have when you can't get into your vehicle, especially if the weather is hot. While some children will be able to open a window or unlock the doors, others are too young.

Let an emergency locksmith know the situation you're in right away, so they can get to you as fast as possible. They may also be able to give you advice over the phone, and if there's any sort of delay, they're likely to recommend calling the emergency services.

Your health is at risk

There are certain situations where you may be at risk of damaging your health if you can't access your vehicle. Perhaps you've locked essential medication inside, or you're a diabetic and you need to get food quickly.

If you tell your locksmith when you call, they'll prioritise your case and reach you as soon as they can.

Your absence puts other people at risk

If you have children left alone at home, or an elderly or vulnerable adult needs you to get to them, it increases how much of an emergency you're in.

When you talk to a locksmith, explain what's happened and why you need to get back into your vehicle quickly. They'll do what they can to help you get back on the road in good time.

You're in an unsafe area

Sometimes, you have no choice but to stop temporarily or park your car in an area you'd rather not. When you're unable to access the vehicle, it can leave you feeling unsafe and potentially put you in danger, especially if you're a female on your own.

A good locksmith will do what they can to reach you fast, especially if you tell them your concerns. If there's an immediate threat to your safety, however, make sure you call the police first.

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