How to Avoid Being Locked out—and What to Do If You Are

How to Avoid Being Locked out—and What to Do If You Are

1 August 2018
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Being locked out of your house can be frustrating, but it doesn't have to be. By changing your habits and putting some contingency plans into place, you can prevent lockouts and make sure that they're easy to deal with even if they do happen. These changes are small, but they can save time and help give you peace of mind. 

Create a key routine

Being locked out because you've left your keys inside can be particularly irritating. To avoid this, establish a consistent routine for what you do with your keys. Always leave them in the same place, such as in a dish or hanging from a peg; don't place this spot too close to a window or door, which could tempt a thief, but do leave a reminder near the door so that you don't forget them. 

Make a duplicate

Whether you've simply locked your keys inside, lost them or had them stolen, a duplicate set will help you get inside as soon as possible. Your local locksmith will be able to make you a spare set quickly.

Store your duplicates safely

Once you've had your spare set of keys made, you'll need somewhere safe to put them. Avoid traditional hiding places such as under a welcome mat, on top of a door frame, or in a flowerpot. These locations are far too well-known to be safe. Instead, give your spare set of keys to a trusted friend or neighbour. You may have to wait a little longer to get them when you're locked out, but they'll be much safer. If you do need to keep a spare key on your property, talk to your locksmith about security options. A combination-operated lockbox can help keep an outdoor key safe. 

Know your locksmith's details

If you do find yourself stuck outside without your spare key, you'll need the services of a mobile locksmith. Make sure that you have a mobile locksmith's number in your phone before you have to search for one. Once you're back inside, your locksmith can advise you on anything else you'll need to do; for instance, if you've lost your keys or had them stolen, you may want to change or upgrade your locks. 

Getting locked out of your house can be embarrassing, time-consuming and expensive. There isn't much to be done about the embarrassment, but with the right planning and the help of a trusted locksmith, at least you won't have to worry about the time or expense. 

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