Simple ways to keep your residential windows safe

Simple ways to keep your residential windows safe

23 September 2018
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While many people spend time and money to secure their doors, front yards, and backyards, they often forget to give their windows equal attention. Windows can be vulnerable points for burglars to access your home and to engage in theft.

To secure your windows, there are simple steps you can take. The following measures will make it harder for unwanted guests who may be lurking on the outside. Read on to find out.

1. Install a locking system 

If your windows are unable to lock, they will remain a vulnerable point for burglars to get inside. Make sure you call a locksmith to install a locking mechanism on your windows (such as a deadbolt or a window pin lock).

These durable locks prevent unwanted guests from simply lifting your windows and entering your home. They can also deter burglars from trying to break in through unlocked windows. Make sure your window frames are strong enough to sustain the locking mechanism of your windows.

2. Integrate windows with your home security system

You can also integrate your window locks with your home's security system. Consider installing smart locks that send signals to your security system when a burglar attempts to break in. Any unauthorised access should also generate an alarm that warns you and others nearby. The noise is usually enough to scare off any intruders.

Smart locks also allow you to arm/disarm the windows even if you're not at home. And with instantly available reports (logs), you can keep track of how your windows are opened on a regular basis.

3. Consider laminated windows

Laminated windows are excellent choices for additional security in your home. As opposed to regular windows, they're shatterproof. This means that when they break, they don't disintegrate into many sharp pieces that burglars can use as a weapon.

Laminated glass is also thick and harder to penetrate. If you add a locking system to laminated glass, burglars will have a very hard time entering your home through the windows.

4. Make your windows difficult to access

You can also make it harder for burglars to access your windows by installing protective bars. Preferably, have these bars placed on the inside of the windows. This will make it harder for burglars to unhinge the bars from outside your home.

Another strategy is to use Mother Nature to your advantage. Plant some bushes near the base of your windows to decrease accessibility from outside. Bushes will make it harder for unwanted guests to climb up your windows as they try to enter your home.

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