When is the Right Time to Consider a New Key and Replacement?

When is the Right Time to Consider a New Key and Replacement?

28 September 2018
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There are certain times when you think lock replacement is the best option, but security experts argue that this is not always recommended, because you can easily re-key at a cheaper price.

When to replace your lock or buy a new one

Moving to a new home. You may need to replace or by a new lock when moving to a new house because normally, copies of keys may have been made surreptitiously because of being distributed to different people for many years. Keep in mind, getting several pairs of keys from the initial owner does not mean you have all the keys to the house.

A break-in. It is advisable to change the entire lock if you have experienced a break-in, especially if an intruder accessed your house without forced entry. Actually, the majority of burglars gain entrance to open doors or with master keys, and not forced entry.

Stolen or lost keys. If you lose a set of your house keys, then the assumption is that whoever has the keys wants to access your house using them. But this is not usually the case. As security experts say, you should always be prepared. Do not take the risk that whoever found your keys may return them to you.

Why you should replace your lock and not purchase new keys

Experts say that keys that are re-keyed offer the same security as new ones, but for a cheaper price. Also, there are circumstances where you may have to replace your lock instead of buying new keys.

Upgrade your locks

If you want to upgrade to a double cylinder lock or want to completely change to a more secure lock, this is the only time where total lock replacement is the only choice for you.

Faulty locks

Sometimes the keys constantly catch in the lock and your locksmith is not able to fix it. In this case, the root of the problem is likely to be the lock itself, and there is no other option other than to hire a locksmith to replace your lock, to make sure it is working well.

The issue of locks has been a nerve-wracking pain for many homeowners, with a majority torn between replacing their locks and purchasing new keys. However, it is always advisable to replace your locks because it is not only cheap but also provides the same security as new keys. Reach out to a locksmith for more direction. 

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