Under Lock And Key: Keeping Everything Safe

Different Types of Locksmiths You Can Hire Today

12 November 2020
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If you would like to seek locksmith services for whatever reason, it's crucial to know that there isn't a one-size-fits-all service. The market offers various kinds of locksmiths that specialise in multiple tasks. As such, it is vital to familiarise yourself with the different types of locksmiths to know the best expert you can hire for your job. This post outlines the main locksmith types to enable you to make informed choices. Read More …

What your emergency locksmith can do for you

8 October 2019
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When trouble arrives, a good list of emergency contacts is a handy thing to have. Most lists include people like doctors, auto mechanics or vets, but not many have the contact details of an emergency locksmith. There are plenty of situations, though, where a locksmith should be your first call.  Being locked out of your home Whether you've left your key inside, lost it or had it stolen, being locked out of your own home is a frustrating, time-consuming experience. Read More …

Practical Ways to Ensure Proper Replacement of a Lost Garage Door Remote Control

28 May 2019
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Often, homeowners take for granted the convenience that modern garage doors offer. With a simple press of a button on a remote control that is no bigger than the palm, you can open and close the biggest door to your house. Despite the lengths that homeowners go to protect their garage door remote controls, the devices do get lost. When this happens, it is vital to replace the remote control immediately for security reasons. Read More …

Why You Need a Locksmith

14 March 2019
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Everyone has experienced being locked out of their home or car, and it is a frustrating situation. If the keys are locked inside the car, a professional locksmith is needed because they have the tools to open the door. The same thing is necessary if the house is locked and you do not have the keys. Regardless of what it is, locksmith services are needed, and there are a lot of other reasons why you need one to help you out. Read More …

Can You Reprogram a Car’s Transponder Key Yourself?

10 November 2018
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Like anything that works on computer chips, car transponder keys work great most of the time. However, if something goes wrong with the chip or its programming, their systems can fail and stop working. If your car has suddenly stopped responding to your transponder key, you're stuck. If your car is out of warranty, you may not get free help from your dealership or manufacturer. If you need to use the car soon, you can't wait for them to fix the key or get you a new one. Read More …

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Under Lock And Key: Keeping Everything Safe

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