Do You Need a Security Audit When You Move to New Business Premises?

Do You Need a Security Audit When You Move to New Business Premises?

9 August 2018
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Getting the keys to your new premises is just the first step in making sure that your company will be secure in its new home. The building you move into may look secure enough; however, you may not have the skills to assess your overall security yourself. It may help to have a commercial locksmith come in to evaluate how secure the building really is and just how safe it is for your business and personnel needs. How can a security audit help you do this?

External Points of Entry

During an audit, your locksmith looks at how your premises are protected externally. So, for example, a locksmith can check the following areas:

  • Perimeter access, such as gate locks, security lighting and CCTV systems.
  • Building access security, such as door and window locks.

A locksmith will tell you if you have weak areas where you should beef up your security. For example, if your entrance door locks aren't as strong as they could be, your locksmith will make recommendations on how to make your doors more secure. Plus, if you have areas that don't have any security measures, such as accessible windows without locks, then your locksmith can point these out to you and tell you how to make these areas more secure.  

Internal Security

In some cases, businesses need internal security controls as well as external ones. For example, you may want to limit employee access in certain areas of your business. During an audit, your locksmith can also help you evaluate if you need to add any security features to make this work in your new building.

Employee Safety

The safety of your employees should be as important to you as the security of your business, and a locksmith can check that you are up to speed with this. For example, your locksmith can make sure that your fire and emergency escape doors and exit paths are both secure and functional so that your employees can get out of the building quickly if they need to.

If your employees often work late or over weekends, then having a locksmith check general entry/exit security is also a good idea. You want to make sure that your employees are safe in the building and when they leave it. So, your locksmith can give you pointers on how to make your employees feel more secure when they leave work late at night and walk to your car park. Simple measures like security lighting can make people feel safer when they leave work in the dark, especially if your business is in an isolated location.

If you want to make sure that your new premises are as secure as they can be, talk to local locksmiths about doing a security audit. If your locksmith does spot areas of weakness or concern, then you'll be able to make your business more secure much more effectively.

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